For a brief time only, these attractive and informative books are being offered at a greatly reduced price!  A limited  number of very good copies in very good dust jackets are available, while the supply lasts.  These sale prices end on December 31, 2016!

Alice Coats, GARDEN SHRUBS AND THEIR HISTORIES. (NY: Simon & Schuster, 1992) square quarto, 223 pp., Foreword by John Creech, bibliography, brief biographical sketches, ill. in color from period works. An attractively produced quality reprint of the scarce 1962 original work in a different, larger format. This is the only work to date on this subject. very good copy in dust jacket.  Originally issued in both the United States and United Kingdom in 1962, this remains the only book written to date specifically dealing with the history of cultivated shrubs. Alice Coats (1902-1978) was a leading authority on the history of garden plants and on botanical illustration. The 1992 reissue retains the original text, and adds new introductory material by John L. Creech, as well as 112 color plates which faithfully reproduce classic botanical paintings. The book was redesigned and reissued in a more attractive larger format. This is a decided improvement on the first edition.    special sale price: $5


Christopher Lloyd, CLEMATIS. (Deer Park, Wis.: Capability's, 1989) revised, with the assistance of Tom Bennett. 217 pp., index, glossary, ill. with fine color photos.  Originally issued in 1965, this revised edition remains the definitive modern monograph on the genus in cultivation.     This the latest, revised edition, completed with the assistance of Tom Bennett.  It includes an index, glossary, deals with plant nomenclature and name pronunciation.  It is illustrated with fine color photos and a few line drawings in the text.  Originally issued in 1965, this is the best edition and now constitutes the definitive modern monograph on the genus in cultivation.  The work contains useful information on all phases of clematis cultivation, propagation, pruning, training, hybridization and diseases.  Lloyd deals first with both large-flowered hybrids and then species and small-flowered hybrids in great detail.  Few books are as valuable to gardeners as substantial horticultural monographs as this one.   special sale price:  $1

Daphne Ledward [Compiler], THE VICTORIAN GARDEN CATALOG. (London: Studio, 1995)small folio, 224 pp., list of sources, profusely illustrated with reproductions of pages from Victorian English garden catalogs, and 16 full color plates following a brief introduction. A valuable work, the first to date on the subject, presented in an attractive manner. as new in dust jacket.    special sale price:  $5

Virginia Tuttle Clayton [Editor], THE ONCE AND FUTURE GARDENER: Garden Writing From the Golden Age of Magazines, 1900-1940. (Boston: David Godine, 2000)  312 pp., index, notes, bibliography, well ill. in b&w and color, including some garden plans and beautifully reproduced color plates from the magazines. A an important new work, especially valuable for the historical overview and biographical sketches of a number of writers. fine copy in d.j.    special sale price:  $5

Graham Stuart Thomas, THREE GARDENS of Pleasant Flowers.  (Deer Park, Wis.: Capability's, 1983)  188 pp., index, appendices (biographical notes and a long list of over 750 plants, including index references their citations in the work),  well illustrated with color and black-and-white photos, garden plans, and drawings by the author; a wonderfully informative as well as readable account of his father's garden, Oak Cottage in Surrey and Brier Cottage, the latter two gardens he created. Published in a limited quantity in 1983 in England and the United States (these are copies of the American edition), this book never gained the recognition achieved by the author's popular works on roses, historic gardens, and his botanical art.  Yet this is the only of his works where the remarkable Renaissance man of modern horticulture writes specifically about his own gardens.  The work is beautifully written and largely autobiographical, and covers his formative years, his "interlude" as a nurseryman, and especially his two wonderful modest-sized home gardens in Surrey.  Here he achieved his goal of creating low-maintenance gardens which "provide interest and beauty of flower and foliage throughout the year."  This is truly the "personal odyssey of a great plantsman and gardener" as its advertisement proclaims!    special sale price:  $1  

Dorothy Stemler, THE BOOK OF OLD ROSES.(Boston: Bruce Humphries, 1966)64 pp., index, ill. with black-and-white photos.a brief but interesting work by the proprietor of the famous Tillotson's old rose nursery. This modest work by the founder of the famous Tillotson's Roses in California provides and excellent introduction to old roses by describing the most famous ones and the best for use in gardens.This small but attractive work with a colorful dust jacket is reasonably priced and makes an excellent gift.    special sale price: $1

Sue Minter, THE GREATEST GLASS HOUSE: The Rainforests Recreated.  (London: HSMO, 1990)  quarto, 216 pp., index, bibliography, glossary notes.  well illustrated in color and black-and-white, from both period sources and from modern photos of the 1980's restoration of the great Palm House at Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, dating from the 1840's.  The detailed photos and accounts of the painstaking restoration are unique for this type of garden history; a superb work, already becoming scarce.  Illustrated from both period sources and from modern photos, this work recalls the history of the Palm House at Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, dating from the 1840's, is revealed in depth.  The detailed photos and accounts of the painstaking 1980s restoration are unique for this type of garden history.  This is a superb work, already becoming scarce.  The book also tells the history of many of the unique specimen plant residents of the conservatory and explains the historical background of iron glass houses   special sale price:  $5

Eve Eckstein, GEORGE SAMUEL ELGOOD: His Life and Work, 1851-1943.  (London: Alpine Fine Arts Collection, 1995)  large oblong quarto, 230 pp., appendices.  illustrated in color and black-and-white, reproducing a number of his paintings.  a carefully researched and beautifully produced work of an artist who produced over 1000 paintings over a 40 year career, covering his work with Gertrude Jekyll, his interest in Italians gardens, and his rarely-seen own garden.  According to Penelope Hobhouse and Christopher Wood in Painted Gardens  (1988) George Elgood was the greatest master of the garden picture.  Many of the buyers of his original work were British royalty and museums.  His finely executed work greatly contrasted his prickly personality.    special sale price: $5

Allen Lacy, THE GARDEN IN AUTUMN.  (NY: Atlantic Monthly Press, 1990)   quarto, 229 pp., index, bibliography,  list of sources, ill. with color photos; there have been other work on winter (or autumn and winter gardens) but this is the first to deal strictly and comprehensively with autumn gardens in North America.  Topics include bulbs grasses, woody plants, annuals, and perennials, and the garden in early winter.  special sale price:  $5

Ida Hay, SCIENCE IN THE PLEASURE GROUND: A History of the Arnold Arboretum.  (Boston: Northeastern University. Press, 1995)  349 pp., index, bibliography, well illustrated in color & black-and-white.  An important scholarly yet readable and attractive work on America's most important arboretum, where so many new plants were introduced from abroad and so much scientific study of cultivated plants has taken place.  The authorís research draws heavily on archival materials and the book covers all phases of the Arboretumís operating, including both its research and outreach programs.  The book reproduces many historic photographs, maps, plans, and drawings.  The authorís research draws heavily on archival materials and the book covers all phases of the Arboretumís operating, including both its research and outreach programs.  The book reproduces many historic photographs, maps, plans, and drawings.  special sale price:  $5

William Gerdts, DOWN GARDEN PATHS: THE FLORAL ENVIRONMENT IN AMERICAN ART.   (Cranbury, N.J.: F.D.U. Press, 1983)  quarto, 144 pp., index, notes, well illustrated in color and black-and-white with paintings beautifully reproduced.  This constitutes  a long overdue and authoritative work on late 19th and early 20th century American paintings of gardens and flowers. as new in dust jacket.  special sale price:  $5

Christopher Grey-Wilson, CLEMATIS: THE GENUS, A Comprehensive Guide for Gardeners, horticulturists and Botanists. (Portland: Timber Press, 2000)  large format octavo, 223 pp., index, bibliography, glossary, illustrated with many excellent color photos.  an excellent comprehensive guide, the best on the genus to date.  More so than other works, this monograph concentrates on Clematis species in the wild, with detailed descriptions and distribution maps, and the most accurate updated botanical nomenclature.  special sale price:  $1

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